Shoot-ee, Light-ee, Fly-ee, Spin-ee, Thing-ee



**Batteries Last 40 to 60 hours of Actual Play Time!**

We didn't invent the led copter we just PERFECTED IT! The one and only Alien Rocket is the Highest Flying, Slowest Floating, Brightest L.E.D. Safest Slingshot and Funnest Night Time Toy ON YOUR PLANET EARTH!  Our Rocket is made from almost indestructible plastic and the brightest L.E.D.'s on earth.  Our launchers are designed to keep your kids thumbs safe and make the rocket fly 30 to 50 feet higher.  If you are looking for the highest quality, longest lasting L.E.D. Slingshot Copter WE GUARANTEE ours is the best.  You WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED when you purchase our product.  We Guarantee The Alien Rocket to NEVER BREAK and our high quality batteries give you 40 to 60 hours of actual playtime (push button the light off when not in use).