About Us


Jon Dee, Adri Dee and The Hypnotic Family


We have traveled all over America on our own terms supported by this fun little toy we call The Alien Rocket.  Before January of 2013 life looked a lot different to us.  I (Jon Dee) had just finished performing over 700 comedy hypnosis shows (Comedy Hypnosis Show Video Here) in a theater I built and marketed in Gatlinburg TN.  We had just received an offer to perform our family friendly show in a 4:00 time slot at a major hotel on the strip in Las Vegas NV.  It is every performers "dream" to headline a show in the entertainment capital of the world and we sold all the "stuff" we owned and moved 2,200 miles to the town of Henderson NV to put the deal in action.  After dealing with casino entertainment directors, investors, comedy club managers, ticketing agents and high priced entertainment attorneys for 3 months we realized our "dream" would more than likely end up becoming a "nightmare".  Faced with a 10 year contract from our investor we decided we couldn't stand to be owned and we made a HUGE jump.  We took what money we had left and purchased an old RV and hit the road in search of TRUE FREEDOM and to give our 3 children a real world, adventure filled education.  It didn't take long to find a little toy that had actually been around since the late 1960's.  It had many names and many different versions.  Some are called Flash Copters, Flare Copters, L.E.D. Copters, Slingshot Copters etc.  We ordered some and sold them for a while.  People loved them but they all seem to have some problems that just made us feel a little guilty selling them to people, let alone kids.  Some of the problems where that they broke super easy, didn't float down slow, L.E.D. lights didn't work or went out quick, and most of all KIDS COULDN'T SHOOT THEM EASILY AND VERY OFTEN SHOT THEMSELVES IN THE THUMB WHICH WAS NOT OK WITH US!  

SOOOO...... After over 2 years we are now doing all of the assembly, pre-folding of wings, testing and packaging WITH OUR OWN HANDS this makes the Alien Rocket the best version of this product that has ever been offered.  Some of the features of the Alien Rocket are:

  • Guaranteed For Life to Never Break
  • Ready to Fly as soon as you open it
  • Pre-Folded Wings
  • Pre-Installed 8 inch rubber band (with extra band in every package
  • Almost indestructible Plastic
  • Super Bright and High Quality L.E.D. lights
  • 50 hour batteries included and installed with On/Off button
  • Safety Slingshots specifically designed for kids
  • Awesome full color photo instructions
  • Video instructions on this website
  • Built, Tested and Packaged in America
  • Stickers, bags and printing done in America
  • Family business that appreciated our customers and the fun they have.

The truth is that you CAN BUY super cheap little led copters online and copies from china but they don't fly good, can AND WILL hurt your kids and will more than likely break after 1 or 2 shots leaving your money wasted and your kids disappointed.

The Alien Rocket will last longer than your kids will want to play with it, Night after Night after Night.  THE ALIEN ROCKET IS A GREAT VALUE.  We sell the entire set up for less than the batteries cost at Wal-Mart.

Thank you for your purchase.  It helps support Our Family Business.  Parents and Kids Having Fun Together while teaching Kids how to make money while having fun.  

If you purchased your Alien Rocket from one of our Partners some place across america Thank You from them as well.  Also if you order from this site and use their free shipping code they get half the money from the sale.  

See our full story of how we started traveling full time here. and once again Thank You For Your Support. :)


Jon Dee